Top 3 Waterproofing Options for Your Wooden Deck

Having a wooden deck installed on your property not only gives you functional space, but it also adds an element of style. The only downside to having a wooden deck installed is that exposure to water can lead to damage. As water is absorbed into the surface of the wood over time, this can cause the wood to warp, swell or even lead to mould growth. The best way to prevent against damage occurring to your wooden deck due to water exposure is to make sure that it is properly waterproofed.

Before you waterproof your wooden deck, it is important for you to be aware of the 3 most popular waterproofing methods to ensure that you choose the most effective option for your deck.


Applying a water sealant to the surface of the wood id one of the most efficient and affordable ways that you can waterproof your wooden deck. The water sealant that you use can be painted on to the surface of the wood. Just be sure that you prep your deck before you begin. This means that all loose dirt and debris should be swept away and it is also recommended that you sand down the wood if the deck has been treated in past. The sealant needs to be stirred thoroughly using a paint stir stick before you begin painting it on. It is also suggested that you apply a couple of coats to ensure that you have an effective seal for your wooden deck.


Instead of applying a sealant that you must paint onto the deck, you can choose to have a waterproof membrane applied. This type of membrane that you can place over the surface of the wooden deck is typically made of vinyl. This membrane is designed to ensure that the water runs off the deck at the edges only. This leaves the space underneath the deck completely dry. If you have a wooden deck that is elevated in any way and are looking to also protect the area beneath the deck, this is the best waterproofing method that you can choose.

Rubber Coating

It is also possible to apply a rubberised coating to the surface of your wooden deck for waterproofing purposes. These types of rubberised paints are ideal for decks that have been constructed using plywood. Plywood can sometimes become slippery when a normal sealant is applied, but a rubberised coating will repel water and ensure that the wooden deck is not slippery when it is wet.

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