Split-System Air Conditioning Installation: The Professional Way

For people on a smaller budget, air conditioning may seem like a costly affair that involves expensive air conditioning units, endless ductwork, and several processes in multiple rooms that will require renovations. Luckily, this does not have to be the case. Split-system air conditioning installation involves the easier processes of installing and connecting an indoor wall-mounted unit and the outdoor unit. For some people, it may be as easy as locating the two units on the same wall, with just a few meters of piping connecting them. The cost effectiveness, sleek designs, and easier installation of these units have driven many people to consider the installation of these systems an average DIY job. Well, this may be just the beginning of a nightmare, right when your dreams of cost-effective air conditioning began to manifest. Here are some reasons why it may be better to go with professional split-system air conditioning installation.

Best positioning

It is easy to go wrong with the positioning of the indoor as well as outdoor units. Poorly positioned systems result in far less effective conditioning qualities. The indoor unit has to be mounted sufficiently high up the wall, at a position that results in effective room conditioning, as opposed to only cooling or heating the roof. Air flow within the room is yet another consideration. The outdoor unit will also require the best conditions for maximum effect. A good practice would be to have a professional installer examine your home before even buying the units. Once the assessment is complete, the installer can advise you on matters such as sizing of the unit, required pipe lengths, best locations,  and more. With these in mind, you can then acquire the unit and have the same professional install it as they had envisioned.

Warranty concerns

Don't be shocked if your warranty for the system is voided due to your DIY installation; many manufacturers have this condition in their fine print. This is because when you undertake a DIY split-system air conditioning installation, the assumption is immediately made that any defects may have risen from your personal errors. To be on the safer side, have a professional install the system. This way, you are sure that any problems with the system will be sufficiently addressed and covered by the manufacturers.

Cabling, electricity, and insulation

When passing the cabling of split systems through walls, it is important to consider your home's electrical and other cabling. Should a leak or sweating occur, you do not want the drips coming in contact with your electric wiring. A professional would know how to avoid these circumstances, or would take the necessary precautions in the event that you cannot avoid them. It is important to have all the conditioning cable work insulated to protect your inner walls. Ultimately, you should not gamble with such risks. Just hire a good professional installer for all your split-system air conditioning installation needs.

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