Types of Safety Glass You Can Consider For Your Home

One of the most common injuries that occur in and around the home pertain to shattering glass. To reduce the chances of this happening in your residence, it would be best to consider changing to safety glass. Additionally, by reducing the incidences of glass shattering, you also get to reduce the chances of incurring exorbitant costs in glass repairs. Safety glass is designed to minimize the risk of breaking. There are three main types of safety glass that you can consider for the various applications in your home. 

Tempered safety glass

This type of safety glass is created by exposing the glass to high temperatures. Once the glass has reached the desired temperature, it is then cooled immediately through the use of cold blasts of air. This works toward keeping the centre of the glass hot and liquefied while the exterior surfaces of the glass harden and solidify. The interior of the glass then cools down at a slower rate, and this compressed the edges as well as the surface of the glass. Once the glass has completely cooled, its strength becomes dramatically enhanced. Although tempered glass feels flexible, it is quite difficult to break. In the event that the tempered safety glass is exposed to high impact, it tends to crumble into rectangular pieces rather than shattering into numerous shards of sharp glass.

Laminated safety glass

This type of safety glass comprises two layers of glass that have been compressed together with a layer of polyvinyl butrate between them. The polyvinyl butrate is clear therefore will not impede on the clarity of the glass sheets. The three layers are then exposed to high heat so as to bind the glass sheets and the polyvinyl butrate layer together. Laminated safety glass is an ideal option for windows as in the event that the glass cracks, the plastic layer between the sheets holds the glass together and prevents it from shattering. This enables it to protect your residence against storms, forced entry and more.

Impact resistant safety glass

This type of safety glass comprises a glass sheet that has a shatter resistant film coating its surface. This film works toward ensuring that the glass stys in place in the event that it breaks or cracks due to high impact. If you are contemplating impact resistant glass for your windows, it is advisable to also consider installing impact resistant frames. These frames tend to be heavier than regular window frames as they have steel reinforcements as well as stiffeners that work toward absorbing the shock of high impact. 

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