Factors to Keep In Mind When Contemplating Artificial Grass

If you have a big lawn, the rigours of having to regularly water, fertilize and mow it on a regular basis can become an inconvenience. This is especially true if you have a busy lifestyle. However, neglecting your lawn will lead to the grass dying and decreasing the overall curb appeal of your residence. If you are looking for a simple way of maintaining an attractive lawn without having to spend an extensive amount of time and money in keeping it presentable, then you should consider artificial grass. Not only is this turf virtually maintenance free, but it also can withstand any type of season. Therefore, you can always be assured of having a lush lawn. However, the process of selecting this turf is no simply bout choosing the first one that you come across. Here are some factors to keep in mind when contemplating artificial grass.

Choosing the colour of the artificial grass

One misconception that some people have is that all types of artificial grass come in one uniform colour. Over the years, as the technology of creating artificial turf has progressed, there are now a myriad of shades of greens that you could choose from. This gives you the freedom to make a choice depending on what would best complement your individual residence. You even have the freedom of having dried blades of grass incorporated into the artificial turf to make it appear as realistic as possible. Therefore, it is always advisable to take the time to look at the different shades that would be available to you, rather than simply selecting the first green turf you come across.

Choosing the variety of artificial grass

Another factor to keep in mind when contemplating artificial grass would be the different varieties that are available to you. For instance, the blades of grass of different types of turf will come in varying lengths depending on your needs. Another consideration when it comes to the variety of the artificial grass is the widths of the blades. These widths will also vary in an attempt to mimic different types of natural grass. For example, if the local turf in your area is buffalo grass, you should look for artificial turf that best resembles this so as to make it blend in with your yard. Keeping this in mind enables you to make a selection that would appear as natural as possible.

Choosing the softness of the artificial grass

The softness of the artificial grass would depend largely on the main use of the turf. For instance, if you are installing artificial grass so that you children can have somewhere to play barefoot, then you should choose turf that will feel both springy as well as soft underfoot. On the other hand, if your new lawn is mainly for entertaining and you foresee a lot of foot traffic from guests, then you should opt for a tougher type of artificial grass. 

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