4 Beautiful Exotic Wood Varieties for Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to hardwood flooring, you will be able to choose from many different wood varieties. This includes a wide range of domestic and exotic woods. Here are some beautiful exotic wood varieties you might want for your floors.


A popular exotic wood to choose for your home's flooring is tigerwood. This type of wood comes from forests in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and Brazil. There are a variety of hues available when you choose tigerwood, such as red and orange hues, to brown and cream hues. You will also get a pattern in the wood similar to a tiger's stripes. While much of this type of flooring is solid hardwood, you can also find tigerwood in engineered wood. It is a strong and durable type of wood, being an excellent choice for long-lasting hardwood flooring.

Brazilian Cherry

Another hardwood variety that comes from Brazil is called Brazilian cherry wood. This has an excellent hardness rating, which means it is durable and doesn't take quite as much damage from spills and scratches as some of the other types of hardwood flooring materials. The majority of Brazilian cherry comes in hues between red and brown, similar to cherry wood furniture. You will also notice that the hues of this wood change slightly with certain lighting and sun exposure, getting lighter and brighter under the illumination.


This is an interesting exotic wood, because it changes colour over time. The hardwood typically starts with a lighter reddish-orange tone when you first have it installed. If you keep your windows open and provide it with enough natural light, you will eventually notice that the colours start to darken, and you end up with an array of reddish hues and tones in the flooring. With enough sunlight exposure, you can have a vibrant red hardwood floor, where no two wood boards are identical in colour. Like other hardwood, this has an excellent hardness and durability rating.


While there are many types of walnut, the exotic walnut wood from Brazil, also called Ipe, is one of the more popular types of hardwood. The Brazilian walnut tree provides hardwood flooring in different brown-black tones. You may find some variation in the tones between manufacturers, including many different grains. Some grain is tighter and fine, while others are more spaced apart, straight, or wavy. It is one of the hardest exotic hardwood varieties to choose from, and often known as one of the most durable woods to choose for your flooring.

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