Three Driving Factors for Residential Plumbing Upgrade

The plumbing components installed in homes are fabricated to provide prolonged service life. However, you will need to perform an upgrade of the different elements if they are not performing at the expected levels. This type of improvement can be performed in the entire house or you can focus on specific aspects at a time to manage the costs. For instance, you can replace the piping network and then move on to toilets and faucets. Unfortunately, most homeowners are ignorant of the critical reasons for carrying out a plumbing refurbishment project. Here is a short description of the primary factors to help you decide whether you should upgrade your home plumbing system.


The most important factor that you should consider when considering a plumbing upgrade is the age of the components. In simple terms, as the piping and attached fixtures become older, they will deteriorate and perform poorly. You should check the projected lifespan of the elements in your home from the manufacturer and start budgeting for replacements if the expiration period is approaching. Alternatively, you should assess and even hire a plumber for an inspection. Signs of eminent failure due to old age include corroded pipes, deterioration of fittings and even constant need for repairs.


In the past, efficiency was not a primary concern, so older plumbing systems will not perform optimally even if they are in good physical condition. The deterioration of the planet and the risk of resource depletion has led to development of plumbing components that are more eco-friendly. You should consider upgrading your system to combat harmful inefficiencies and consequently, reduce the cumulative operational costs. For example, consider installing low flow shower heads, toilets and faucets to combat water wastage. In addition, appliances such as water heaters and washing machines which are connected to the plumbing network should be energy-efficient when heating water.

Increased Demands

If you have extended your home or are planning to add new plumbing outlets and fixtures, an upgrade can be beneficial. Simply speaking, the existing system might not have the capability to handle the increased demands, even when the components are structurally desirable. This is because they will become strained and consequently, susceptible to accelerated wear. In the long run, failure to replace might become more expensive because of the water damage that might occur when the system inevitably fails.

After installing your new residential plumbing system, you should ensure that diligent maintenance is performed regularly. This will reduce the additional expenses related to repair and replacement due to negligence.

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