Home Construction and Renovation: Choosing Excavator Attachments

When performing a home construction or renovation project, you will require some heavy construction machines. The excavator is one of these essential pieces of equipment; it is ideal for digging trenches and foundations, demolition and general material handling. You can rent the machinery from specialist suppliers or request for the desired machine from your contractor. When choosing an excavator, you must consider different aspects, particularly the attachments. These are the implements that will be driven by the main vehicle to perform the actual construction tasks. Here are the main types of attachments that you should consider acquiring for your residential construction and renovation projects.  


The bucket is the standard excavator attachment, and it is usually provided with the main equipment. The tool is designed as a specialised container that can scoop and handle materials like soil. If you are interested in digging during your project, you should choose a specialised digging bucket. This type has a large carrying capacity and teeth to dig and break the ground. If the ground is hard and rocky, the most suitable choice is the rock bucket. It is a modification of the basic digging bucket with longer and harder teeth that can break dense ground. For trenching projects, consider a trenching bucket; this is wide and can excavate quickly.


Grapples are valuable attachments in general bulk-handling operations. Basically, these tools are designed to pick up large pieces or amounts of material in a worksite. They are valuable in home projects for clearing out waste after demolition projects and even loading the materials on dump trucks. If you require this type of attachments, ensure that the grapple can be angled and even hydraulically rotated. This will allow you or the contractor to approach and pick the materials from different angles. In addition, you should compare the different sizes of grapples before choosing the most appropriate.


The auger attachment is a drilling device that usually consists of a helical screw blade. This tool is designed to remove material from a hole in the ground as the helical screw rotates during operation. This type of excavating device is ideal for drilling holes into the ground for posts when building fencing supports or even for piling foundations for large houses. You can choose a normal steel auger for normal loamy or sandy soil. However, if the ground is rocky, you might need to acquire a tungsten auger for better performance. When choosing an auger, ensure that the attachment can reach beyond the desired depth. 

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