Making mine site accomodation as comfortable as possible

It's hard enough being away from home for weeks at a time without having uncomfortable living quarters. By making some simple changes to the mine site accommodations you offer you can make stays on your site more comfortable for staff, which can help them to be more productive on the job. 

Sound insulation

By its nature, working construction and living on a mine site can be loud. With staff coming and going at different hours it can be hard to sleep if every noise travels between the connected rooms in the mine accommodation. By adding panels of insulation between the connecting walls you can often dramatically reduce the amount of sound conveyed between rooms. Staff will be more effective on their jobs if they can sleep well. 

High-speed internet in rooms

If your staff are working a heavy roster, as is the case on most mine sites where people stay on site, high-speed Internet access in their rooms that allows them to contact friends and family is an important part of ensuring people can comfortably keep in contact with their family. This can improve morale and help people maintain good mental health while away from home. 

Pay TV

Without access to the normal facilities for rest and relaxation, many people get bored with their time off shift. Its' a good idea to incorporate Pay TV ports into the mine site accommodation so that people can have something to do in their rooms if they want to relax away from their team members. 

Shared health and wellbeing facilities

Living away from home can break the health and fitness routines of many workers. While construction workers have traditionally had active roles there is a growing push towards automation and control using control systems engineering principles. This means that having shared health facilities, including a gym or workout rooms incorporated into the mine site accommodation can be a great way to help people maintain their health goals on the site. You can also try marking out paths around site accommodation rooms so that people who prefer to exercise outside can have a safe and usable path. Having these facilities can help staff healthy, alert and engaged while on site. 

Great mine site accommodation can make the difference between having happy and healthy staff or disengaged and unhealthy staff. If you are looking to build new site accommodation it can be useful to speak to a specialist provider, such as McMahon Services, who can guide you through some of the options. 

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