Troubleshooting Problems with Your Garage Door Remote

Garage doors tend to be heavy, and because of this, most homeowners may find it inconveniencing to have to open and shut the doors manually every single time they use them. This is why more and more people are opting for garage door openers and the remotes that come with them. These nifty devices not only take away the need for having to physically open and close your doors, but you also get the freedom of doing so without even having to leave your vehicle! These garage door remotes work by sending infrared signals to a receiver that has been installed in the garage door opener. The receiver then signals the door's switch mechanism, directing it to either open or close the door.

It should be noted, though, that different garage door remotes have a specified range that is optimum for signals to be sent and received. In the event that your garage door remote is using new batteries but is not sending these signals, here are some of the things that you could troubleshoot.

Inspect the remote's battery contacts

If the battery contacts in your garage remote are dirty, wet or worn out, then it will be unable to work properly. Compromised battery contacts inhibit the transfer of the electrical current that power the garage door remote. Because of this, the remote will not be able to send out any signals to the garage doors' receiver. When inspecting the battery contacts, look out for signs of discolouration, as this could mean that the contacts have become corroded over time and need polishing or replacement.

Inspect the remote's infrared port

The infrared port of your garage remote is referred to as its eye. This is where infrared signals are transmitted from the remote to the garage door's receiver. The first thing you should do is check for dirt. Grime that has accumulated on the infrared port will block the transmission of the infrared signals, thus causing your remote not to work.

It should be noted that these infrared ports are made from plastic. If not taken care of, they can acquire scratches from being in contact with either abrasive fibres or metallic components. Additionally, if your garage door remote has dropped a few times, it could have led to the infrared port acquiring some damage. In the event that the garage remote's eye has been gouged out or extensively scratched, you may have no other option than to replace the entire remote. 

Look for a reliable manufacturer of garage door remotes in your area for further troubleshooting or to purchase a replacement remote.

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