Benefits of Installing Home Skylight Windows

It can be hard to bring extra daylight into an existing home, as expanding the vertical windows may not be possible. An alternative option is to install a skylight window, which can be fitted into a cathedral ceiling or on a flat ceiling customised with a light shaft. Here are several benefits you can expect with this upgrade.

Natural Daylight and Fresh Air

A skylight window that faces upward will usually bring in more light than a vertical window, providing an open, airy ambience. For windowless spaces such as hallways, this is a practical solution. However, many other living areas and rooms can also benefit from the feeling of openness. If your home is compact, skylight windows will help make it feel larger.

Temperature Regulation

A skylight window can also help you regulate indoor temperatures if you install a ventilated model. Hot air rises to hover around the ceiling area, and an open skylight window will allow the warm air to escape rather than accumulate and make the room stuffy. You can also take advantage of passive sunlight to heat your house in the winter. However, if you live in a hot region, you can install double glazing and blinds to prevent heat from transferring inside. Thus, you have various control options.

Outdoor Views

Skylight windows also provide a unique view of the outdoors, different from the perspective of a vertical window. Depending on the weather and time of day, you can enjoy a real-time picture of a blue sky, stormy clouds, or scattered stars. If you fit the skylight window in a bedroom, over a bathtub or above a living room sofa, you can lie back and appreciate the changing landscape. You will enjoy an all-around view of the outdoors if you fit a skylight window in addition to vertical windows.


A benefit of letting the light in from the ceiling is that it can often maintain privacy better than vertical windows. Whether this is the case will depend on your house and neighbourhood. In any case, you can install blinds or frosted glass to block the view.

Other Factors

A professional installation will also help with other factors. For example, experts can advise on the appropriate number and size of skylights for a particular area so that it is bright and welcoming but not glaring and uncomfortable. They can also help you choose a frame material and style that will suit the architecture and ensure the skylight window is sealed and secure.

For more info about skylight windows, contact a local company. 

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