Is Your Home or Building a Good Candidate for Roof Restoration?

A roof restoration is when a layer of a foamy substance is applied over a building's current roof, to fill in cracks and crevices and keep it from leaking. A roof restoration is usually more affordable than an entirely new roof and can mean avoiding a full roof tear-off job for several more years. It can also help to deflect the sun's rays and keep a building more comfortable during summertime, as the substance used for a restoration job can be light in color and less likely to absorb heat.

If you're wondering if a roof restoration job is right for your building, note a few factors to consider. You can discuss these with your contractor and only he or she will be able to tell you if your home or building is right for a roof restoration, but these factors will help you know your options beforehand.

1. Brittleness of the roof

The substance used for a roof restoration is relatively light and doesn't add much weight to the roof, but in buildings with severe water damage or where the wood has gotten dry and brittle, a roof restoration may not be the right choice. However, these cases are very rare as a homeowner or building owner will usually know to replace or repair the roof before it gets to the point of being so brittle that it cannot support a lightweight foam.

2. Termite or HVAC damage

If there has been damage to the structure's roof from termites or faulty heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, a roof restoration may not be in order, at least not until this damage has been repaired. Putting a roof restoration layer of foam over a severely damaged roof won't protect it from cracking and splitting on the underside and in turn, having holes and cracks form in the attic and upper floors. If there has been termite damage or damage from poor ventilation, you might need to address these repairs first and then consider a roof restoration.

3. Climate

Extremes in climate may be inhospitable for a roof restoration, but note that these do need to be extreme. Desert areas with high exposure to the sun's UV rays may break down the material of a roof restoration and make it brittle. However, the areas that are inhospitable for a roof restoration are few and most climates, even those that are dry and dusty or that are prone to high rainfall or heavy snowfall, are perfectly suited to a roof restoration.

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