3 Tips for Keeping Your Sump Pump Maintained

A sump pump is a type of water pump that helps to keep excessive amounts of water from flooding your basement. It helps when there is a flood due to a major storm or if the plumbing inside your home has major issues. It is important that you have the pump maintained on a regular basis so it continues to run smoothly.

Turn it On Occasionally

The first way to maintain yours ump pump is simply by turning it on and testing it out. Since you will likely not need to use it very often, this helps prevent dealing with a sump pump that has been broken for a while, but you don't notice it until you have a flood. Try to remember to turn it on every few weeks or so. First check the power cord and make sure it is in good condition. Ensure it is connected to the power source, then pour some water into the sump and wait to see if it turns on.

Clean the Pump Mechanisms Regularly

Your sump pump will also need to be cleaned on a routine basis. This will ensure it continues to work properly, and also gives you the opportunity to inspect it thoroughly. Begin by cleaning the pump inlet screen, which should be done more often than the other cleaning tasks. Do this around the same time that you are turning on the pump and testing to see if it works. Aside from this, you also want to clean the sump connected to the pump, removing any debris or wastewater you find there. Also check the bearings of the pump and sump as you clean it, looking for signs of corrosion or rust. Adding oil to the pump bearings might be necessary.

Inspect the Sump Pump

After you clean the sump pump, take some time to inspect different mechanisms to see if any repairs need to be done. This allows you to look for rust, corrosion, or worn parts. If any fittings are loose, or you notice cracks in the pump, you will need to get those repairs done so it works when you need it most. You should look inside the pit for signs of mud or stones that need to be removed, make sure the floating part can move smoothly in the sump, and that the discharge line is completely clear. When you test the pump, it is also a good idea to head outside and check the location of the water to make sure it is draining properly. You may also want to have a professional plumber inspect the unit.

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