4 ways to use wooden pallets in your home

Wooden pallets are multi diverse tools used for industrial purposes as well as for storage and shipping. However, they are not just made for these purposes; they can be used for a variety of tasks and items. Wooden pallets are actually an excellent source material for many objects used for aesthetic purposes around your house. If you happen to be the owner of some pallets that you have no good use for, there are a few alternatives you should consider to make your house more beautiful while you're getting rid of the unused pallets at the same time.


Pallets are rough, as they are made from wood that hasn't been softened the slightest. However, with some determination, you can turn your pallets in to a floor for your outdoor patio or porch that will look stylishly reused. Just remember that you have to sand and treat the wood for it to be able to withstand the weather, as well as it being comfortable to walk on. You should also consider attaching all pallets to the same bottom to prevent them from sliding or sinking unevenly into the soil


Making chairs and tables out of pallets and wooden boxes is also a way to make your outdoor area look more rustic. Making furniture out of pallets requires even more care than to make floors, as furniture needs to be comfortable for the people sitting on them to be considered useful. You need to sand the pallets down until they are exceptionally smooth, and also get rid of any sharp corners. Also, make sure you don't saw the board off straight in the middle when constructing the furniture as this will make the pallets, and therefore the furniture, unstable.


Pallets are excellent for storage of furniture and other items in storage units, but you can also use them to store things like shoes and jewellery. Shoes can be stored in between the boards of a pallet when it's standing up. Using nails, you can also make an interesting looking jewellery board.


For outdoor usage, wooden pallets can be used as support to grow flowers, which creates an interesting background to the green and the colourful of the flowers themselves. You don't have to do much to prepare the pallets for this, as flowers will grow on almost anything. Simply put the pallet behind the flowers while attaching the stalks to the pallet with clips to make them grow around the wood, soon the pallet will be almost covered in green. You will, however, have to treat the wood so that it can handle all types of weather that might affect your garden. Remember to use organic treatment of the wood to not let the flowers absorb any harmful substances. 

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