3 Water Saving Products You Can Include in Your Home Design

Many people focus on the inside of their home when implementing water-saving measures. Such an approach denies them several opportunities to save water outside the home. This article discusses three kinds of products that you can use to save water outside your new home. Use this information to ask your homebuilder to make a comprehensive water-saving plan for your new home.

Permeable Pavers

Storm water presents several challenges to homeowners. For example, it erodes soil from the landscape. It can also form puddles that can make walkways a hazard since family members can slip on the wet surface. Permeable pavers can help to combat the problems created by storm water. These pavers allow water to seep through an underlying system of gravel and stone so that pollutants are removed before that water is directed to municipal storm water collection points. The collected water helps to replenish municipal water supplies. Thus, you will have done your part in limiting how quickly water resources in your area are exhausted. You will have also saved your property from damage by storm water.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

You can also ask your new homebuilder to include a water harvesting system in the design of your home. This can focus on the water falling onto your roof, as opposed to the permeable pavers that focus on the rain falling on the driveway, or flowing onto the driveway from the lawn. The rainwater harvesting system can be pressurised so that you can use the harvested water for different purposes (such as flushing toilets or watering the lawn). The advantage of including the rainwater harvesting system in the design of the new home is that the plumbing system can be made to accommodate the two sources of water in your home (that is, the municipal supply and the harvested rainwater). This will save you from the possibility of having two parallel plumbing systems when the rainwater harvesting system is retrofitted into your home.

Smart Irrigation Control Systems

Your new homebuilder can also install a smart irrigation control system. Such a control system will help you to save on how much water is used when irrigating your lawn. For example, the smart controller can base on the soil moisture content to determine how much water the sprinklers should discharge. This lowers the volume of water that is lost due to runoff once the soil is saturated. It also saves you from wasting water when the sprinklers turn on automatically while it is raining.

Ask the new home builder to use the products above to augment the water saving measures inside your new home. You will enjoy greater savings on the cost of the water that you use in your home when compared to another person who only focuses on water-saving fixtures inside the home.

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