Five Tips to Prepare Your Home's Locks and Security for a New Baby

When you are expecting a baby, there are multiple things you need to do as you prepare for the baby's arrival. Ideally, you should even look over your home's locks and security. Here are five tips to help you prepare for your upcoming bundle of joy:

1.  Secure the window to your baby's room.

The windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home, and to ensure your baby is safe from potential intruders or thieves, you need to ensure the window to your child's room is secure.

If it currently has bars, consider removing them. They keep out thieves, but unfortunately, they also keep out firefighters and make it impossible to escape from that window.

Instead, look for less obtrusive security options. For example, consider installing a sensor on the window so that it triggers your security system if anyone opens the window. Alternatively, you can also use glass break sensors that are triggered by the sound of breaking glass, or you can install a motion detector in your child's room.

2. Remove locks from your baby's bedroom door.

If there is a lock on the doorknob of the door leading to your baby's room, consider removing it. It isn't a threat right away, but as soon as your baby becomes mobile, he or she could easily lock him or herself in the room and potentially get hurt. Also, remove the locks from the doorknobs of the bathroom and any other room your child may use alone.

3. Add doorknob locks to rooms you don't want your child to explore.

In contrast, consider adding doorknob locks to rooms that you don't want your child to explore. For example, you may want to add locks to the door of your home office, the laundry room or similar spaces. You can have a locksmith install locks with keys, or you can purchase a special item made just for babyproofing -- it slips over doorknobs and makes them hard for toddlers to open.

4. Install alarms on your exterior doors.

As your baby becomes increasingly mobile, you need to take steps to insure he or she doesn't escape outside into the road. As indicated above, a special doorknob cover can prevent your child from opening your exterior doors. However, you may want to bolster that with a deadbolt that your child cannot reach, or you may want to install alarms on all of your exterior doors.

These alarms alert you if someone breaches your property, but they can also beep if your child (or anyone else) opens the door from the inside. Essentially, these small alarms have two pieces -- one that attaches to the door and another that attaches to the door frame. When the door is closed, the magnets cling together. If your toddler opens the door, the magnetic seal is broken, and a beeping sound is produced.

5. Add locks to cabinets and other risky storage areas.

Finally, talk with a locksmith about adding small locks to cabinets or cupboards. If you have a gun safe, take some time to make sure that its locks are as safe and secure as possible as well.

For more tips on locks and security when you are expecting a baby, contact a locksmith.

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