What are some ways to use natural stone paving?

Pavers come in many materials, from concrete to synthetic material. There are also pavers made of natural stone, such as marble, granite, and limestone. These are durable, beautiful, and from natural resources. Here are some different ways to use these types of stones in your yard.


The first way you can use natural stone pavers is by creating a walkway. There are many walkways you can create anywhere on your property with these beautiful stones, from having a walkway that goes from your front yard around the side of your house to the backyard, to a walkway that goes through different areas of your garden. If you have a complex landscaping design in your backyard, walkways are a perfect way to designate different areas of the space. You might also want a paver walkway that goes around your swimming pool or water features.


While similar to a walkway, steps created with natural stone pavers are not connected. It is easier to install since you typically need a smaller number of them than what you would need with an actual walkway. You may want steps that are on top of your lawn, leading to certain areas of your yard. This keeps your feet from having to sink into the grass and dirt when you want to pick lemons from your fruit tree or water a rose bush near the back of your yard. They are also useful in front of and on the side of the house.


If you want a driveway that adds excellent curb appeal and might even increase your home's value, consider using natural stone pavers. Like other uses for pavers, using them for driveway construction allows you to replace individual pavers if they get damaged, instead of having to make repairs, such as with a poured asphalt or concrete driveway. It also gives your home an interesting look that you can't achieve with other materials.


You may also want to create a patio with the paving stones. This is a great alternative to having a backyard deck or a paved concrete patio. A paver patio is something you are able to create on your own by first leveling the ground, then placing the natural stone pavers one-by-one in the designated area. You can choose different colours, shapes, and sizes to add more interest to your patio.

Speak to a paving contractor if you're curious about using pavers for these projects.

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