4 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Build A Carport Over A Garage

If you need a structure to park your car under, you can choose between carports and garages. Both are pretty common but offer very different experiences. If you're wondering which of the two to go with, this article will open your eyes as to why carports are the better option. Read on to find out.


When it comes to costs, carports are much cheaper than garages. The reason for this is simple: carports have a much simpler build design. While garages consist of a complete housing with a roof, side walls and a floor, carports just need a flooring and a roof. The costs of materials needed to construct a carport are therefore just a fraction of what you'd need for a garage. In addition to that, because building a carport will take a shorter time, its labour costs are lower as well.


Considering that carports and garages are outdoor structures, you want them to accentuate your outdoor space, rather than create an eyesore. In this regard, carports are much cooler than garages, and this has everything to do with the design options. While garages retain their traditional boxy figure, carports can be built in many styles. Some of the common styles include four perimeter posts and flat or gable roof and two centre posts with a single or double overhanging roof(s).


Traditionally, garages have been quite restrictive as to where they can be built. The most common locations are in front of the driveway and next to the house. The main reason for this selectiveness is because garages were built as part of the original floor plan. However, car ports do not ascribe to this tradition. You can install a carport and choose to park your car on any spot inside your property. There is no location that is more appropriate than the next.


Garages are enclosed structures, and for the most part, they are used as car storage boxes. Carports, though designed for the same use, can dabble up as shades as well. With a roof overhead and plenty of cool air wafting from the open sides, you can 'turn' your carport into a temporary patio or pergola and use it to relax when your vehicle is not around or when you have guests around. In fact, without a car under it, a carport can easily be mistaken for one of the two.

The only area where garages beat car ports is in regards of security, in that a garage can be locked while a carport cannot. Need a new carport? Talk to a builder like Apollo Patio Roofing and get the low-down on the build options available.

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