Residential Drainage: Choosing Ideal Angle Sided Grates

Proper drainage is essential in your home because it prevents stagnation of water and subsequent flooding. Therefore, if you have noticed poor water flow in your property, you should consider installing drainage channels in vulnerable areas. For example, driveways, parking spaces and large patios are prone to flooding during heavy rains. Additionally, you will need to purchase grates to cover the drainage channels. There are numerous grate designs that you can select, but the angle sided design is highly beneficial. The slanted frames can handle more weight and prevent debris from entering with better efficiency than straight bars. Here are considerations to help you select the right angle-sided grates for your residential drainage.

Type of Material

There are different types of materials that are suitable for use in manufacturing angle-sided grates. The common ones that you will find in the general market are carbon steel, aluminium and even stainless steel. Carbon steel is strong and can withstand the weight from vehicles. However, the material is vulnerable to rusting, so the grate will weaken when exposed to water. Therefore, ensure that these bars are properly galvanised to prevent direct contact with moisture. Aluminium is not prone to rusting, but the material is lightweight. If you want this type, request for structural aluminium which can support weight without distortion. Stainless steel offers the most benefits compared to alternatives since it is resilient and corrosion resistant. Unfortunately, this type of grate will be costly to purchase.

Grate Opening

The size of the surface openings in the angle sided grate is a critical aspect to take into account. This element will determine the materials that can pass through the grate along with the water. Large grate opening are favourable if you are expecting high volumes of water to flow into the drainage channels. This will promote efficiency in the elimination of the stormwater or rainwater. On the other hand, smaller opening provide protection against blockages in the drainage system. This means that debris such as twigs and polythene bags will not flow into the underground piping and cause problems. In addition, the closer placement of these bars is more aesthetically appealing.

Brand Quality

The angle sided grates in the market are not made using the same performance standards. Therefore, you should think about the brand quality before buying your preferred grate. It is prudent to perform research on your preferred goods and ensure that the manufacturer produces original merchandise. Moreover, check the consumer ratings in independent forums on the quality of each drainage grate brand.

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