Ways in Which You Can Incorporate Structural Plywood into Your Home

When many people think of plywood, what jumps to mind is a rough grade of timber typically used for building and construction. Although this may be true to some extent, it does not encompass all the benefits that you can get when you opt for structural plywood. Structural plywood is typically used for internal cladding in the home due to its smooth top veneer. It is manufactured from a range of both hardwood as well as softwood species. It should be noted though that due to the soft nature of structural plywood, it is not the best choice for external applications, as it will succumb to consistent exposure to the elements. However, it does make a good choice if you are looking to incorporate timber to our household's internal décor. Here are some of the ways in which you can use structural plywood in your home.

Shelving units made from structural plywood

The shelves around your home are supposed to be lightweight enough to mount on the walls but sturdy enough to provide storage support. For this reason, structural plywood is a good option, as not only is it strong enough to support additional weight, but it is light enough to be efficiently mounted on the walls. If you would like to enhance the aesthetics of your shelving, you could opt to have the plywood stained in an attempt to mimic the appearance of natural timber.

Flooring made from structural plywood

Typically, structural plywood is used as subflooring. Hence, it normally acts as support for your final flooring option. Nevertheless, creative and enterprising homeowners are looking to make the most of this structural plywood flooring, hence saving extra money by not having to purchase a top floor. To use structural plywood for your flooring, you would have to get your contractor to cut the plywood into narrow boards for you. These narrow lengths of wood will then have to have grooves routed in them. These grooves facilitate the connecting of the different plywood floorboards that will have been created. Once the flooring has been fitted, you can then choose to paint the plywood to your colour of choice or stain and varnish it for it to have a glossy wooden appearance.

Feature wall comprising structural plywood

In some homes, a feature wall tends to be one that has been painted a bold colour to break the monotony of uniformly coloured walls. If you are looking for something unique and different, you could opt to make your feature wall out of structural plywood. This can be done by applying full plywood sheets directly on the walls. Alternatively, you could opt for a patterned timber design, for example by placing the plywood boards in a herringbone formation. 

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