3 Major Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

The bathroom can add significant value to a home, but it's often overlooked during a home renovation because people are more excited to fill their kitchens with appliances, or to make their bedrooms a comfortable place to sleep and relax. This means that when it comes to a total home renovation, the bathroom is often completed in a rush. Of course, without careful consideration, any room in the house can actually lose value within a renovation, but with bathrooms, this is particularly dangerous because of how much value they can potentially add to your home. So that you don't mess up your bathroom renovation, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

At-home waterproofing. You might think that you are the master of DIY, but putting up some shelves or constructing a garden shed is something very different to waterproofing a bathroom. Make the slightest mistake and you could flood the bathroom, and water could potentially leak from the bathroom to other rooms in the house, leading to problems with things like mould, mildew, and fungus. This is always a job for the construction professionals, who will have the tools and the expertise to seal your bathroom so that the water in your sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet stays exactly where it should be.

Removing the bathtub. You might never use your bathtub at all. Perhaps you much prefer to take showers and your tub just sits there redundantly. If you aren't concerned about the value that your bathroom can add to your home, by all means rip out that tub and create the bathroom of your dreams. But if you are thinking about selling up somewhere along the line, you'll find that prospective buyers will be interested in your tub, and they will look on your bathroom less fondly without it.

Inadequate lighting. Lighting is so often an afterthought in home design, but it can change the total mood of a room and the way it functions. In a bathroom, layered lighting is especially important because important tasks are performed in the bathroom every day, but you don't want it to seem like the doctor's clinic with bright lighting everywhere either. Soft ambient lighting should create the general mood of the room, but you will also need some task lighting such as spotlights or pendant lighting for tasks such as shaving and taking a shower.

Avoid these mistakes and your bathroom renovation should be a success. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Southern Additions Pty Ltd.

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