What to Do If Your Skip Is Overflowing

You've hired a skip for a project, and you're almost done, but unfortunately, the skip is overflowing with rubbish. What should you do? Here are a few options to help you:

1. Contact the skip hire company to discuss overage charges

Skip companies have a range of pricing structures, but in most cases, they charge extra if you overfill the skip. Call the company you are working with and discuss its overage charges. It may be a small charge that you're willing to pay for the convenience. However, if the charge is too expensive for your budget, there are other options to explore.

2. Unpack and reload it

It can be a cumbersome process, but if you have time, consider unloading the entire skip and reloading it. Whilst reloading, put the heaviest and largest items on the bottom of the skip. Then, follow that with a layer of medium sized items, and finally, use your smallest items to fill the remaining gaps.

If necessary, consider dismantling any large items such as old sofas or large tree branches.

3. Smash the rubbish down

If time is of the essence, you may not be able to reload your skip. In that case, consider manually crushing the rubbish to make it more compact. Do not jump directly on it. Even if you feel certain that your skip doesn't have anything dangerous in it, remember that it may.

Anyone could have walked by it and thrown in a needle, a broken bit of glass or anything else that could hurt you. To protect yourself against these types of threats, use a piece of sturdy sheet metal to compact the rubbish in your skip. Lay the metal on top of the skip, and then jump on it repeatedly.

4. Remove the excess rubbish

If compacting your rubbish or reloading it doesn't work, consider removing the excess rubbish. Grab a few rubbish bags and fill them. Then, send them out with your weekly rubbish collection, or see if some of your neighbours are willing to take a bag each and pop it in their rubbish.

5. Hire an extra skip

If the rubbish is overflowing and you still have more to load, consider hiring an extra bin. In some cases, that may even be less expensive than the overage charges, especially if you hire a very small skip.

For more tips on what to do if your rubbish is overflowing your skip, contact a skip hire company.

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