Follow These Tips When Shoveling Snow Off a Driveway

If you live somewhere that gets a good amount of snow during the winter, you probably have to shovel the snow from your driveway at least a handful of times. This ensures safety when walking or parking on the driveway. It is also important to be safe while you shovel the driveway so you don't put yourself at risk. Here are some tips for shoveling snow from a driveway.

Dress Warm and Stretch Beforehand

The first way to stay safe while shoveling snow off the driveway is to keep your own comfort in mind. This typically begins with dressing for the weather. It is likely cold outside when you are shoveling snow, so you need to dress accordingly. Make sure you wear long sleeves and a coat if it is especially chilly. Wear thick socks to keep your feet warm and dry, and choose non-slip boots or shoes so you don't trip and fall while shoveling the driveway. Having on a hat is also a good idea to keep your head warm. In addition, since shoveling snow is such a laborious job, make sure you stretch your body beforehand and take plenty of breaks.

Use the Right Type of Shovel

The shove you use when removing snow from the driveway can make all the difference. If you are using a low-quality shovel, it is not only prone to breaking, but it might be harder to remove the snow, which takes longer and puts more stress on your body. You also need to be careful about the materials and if they are safe for the type of driveway you have. There are aluminum shovels, which are lightweight and durable, but might bend over time. If you get a heavier shovel made of steel, it will be very sturdy and won't bend or break, but it can require more energy to use it. The lightest eight shovels are those made of plastic. These are good when the snow isn't too compacted, but it won't help you remove ice.

Know the Right Shoveling Technique

Now that you're dressed for shoveling and have purchased the right kind of shovel, it is time to learn what techniques you should use. Make sure to protect your back by always bending at the knees and lifting with your legs, not your back. Waxing the blade of the shovel can help to prevent slipping when it comes into contact with the driveway. Make sure the blade is close to you instead of reaching out too far. Switch back and forth between your arms to work both arms and shoulders equally. Scoop off just the first few inches at a time if you have deep snow on the driveway. For more information, contact a business such as Aclass Concrete & Landscape.

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