Key Information You Should Give an Asbestos Surveyor Before a Demolition Inspection

It is very important to hire an asbestos inspector to survey your commercial building if you would like to demolish a section that has ACM (asbestos containing materials). This article discusses some crucial information that you should give that surveyor before he or she begins his or her work prior to the commencement of demolition work.

The Scope of Demolition Work 

Some people think that only the demolition contractor needs to be given a detailed scope of work document. However, the asbestos surveyor also needs that document. It will help him or her to plan a survey that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the planned demolition project. For example, the scope of work document helps the asbestos surveyor/inspector to focus his or her attention on the zone of demolition. This focused approach results in timely completion of the survey so that abatement work can begin prior to demolition of that section of your commercial building.

Access Information

You also need to give the asbestos surveyor/inspector full information about access to the proposed demolition site. That information should include details about any fire response plans so that the surveyor can make contingency plans to allow easy access to escape routes in case there is an emergency and people need to use access points that are close to the demolition site. The inspector can make provisions for leaving an escape route rather than blocking it as the survey is done.

Detailed Site Plans

You should give the asbestos surveyor detailed site plans of the entire building complex, especially the proposed demolition site. Those detailed plans will give the surveyor an accurate idea of the kind of building materials that he or she will have to break through as a thorough asbestos survey is done. This is important because some ACM are located behind walls or ceilings. Thus, the surveyor has to anticipate which appropriate destructive methods he or she will need to use in order to access all parts of the building that will be demolished. Such prior planning saves time because the surveyor will not encounter any unforeseen structural hurdles during the asbestos survey.

As you can see, the success of asbestos surveys before demolition begins may hinge on how well you exchange information with the asbestos surveyor before he or she begins survey work. You should be proactive in availing the information above, and any other information requested so that demolition work is on schedule once asbestos inspection is expedited by your cooperation with the surveyor/inspector.

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