4 Excellent Repair and Replacement Tips for Asphalt Driveways

Due to natural wear and tear factors, our parking space may be subject to cracks, crevices, and even potholes. This can be irritating at first and could even ruin your entire parking experience if left unchecked.  So, what do you do when this happens? Below are a few tips for repairing or replacing your driveway surface.

Use the Right Material

When you see that crack or pothole on your driveway surface, don't just quickly rush to fill it with cement. There are also other alternatives. For example, you could use bituminous concrete. It is not only stronger in texture and adhesion, but it also has a more distinctive black appearance. Other than that, choose a material that would blend with the rest of the surface, especially if you are filling potholes. For example, if the surface is a grey colour, ensure your filling material should be of the same colour or something close to it.

Know When to Pave

In case you live in an area that experiences cold seasons, it is important to know when to pave your surface. Normally, asphalt is applied when hot. So, what you want to avoid is sudden temperature changes, since this may cause the asphalt to stiffen up and render it useless. The best time to pave your driveway is during summer. However, if you insist on making repairs when it's cold, ensure you heat up the surface using hot air or water before applying your asphalt.

Always Replace with a Sub-Base

This is a layer of foundation below the surface of your driveway. If you want your parking pavement to last longer, you are going to have to give it a sub-base. Therefore, if you are replacing your driveway, remember to add some little foundation. Apart from durability, a sub-base will also give your driveway better drainage by preventing water from settling in it. In addition, this layer of foundation reinforces the strength of the surface to withstand pressure from heavier vehicles.

Know How to Deal with Potholes

Before you fill your potholes, you need to figure out how deep they are so that you can know the amount of filling substance required. Once done, reshape the potholes to something more distinct like a rectangle or square for easier and more uniform filling. You can then seal the potholes with bitumen spray for waterproofing and more compactness.

For more information, talk to an asphalt car park professional.

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