How to Ensure You Choose the Most Secure Screen Door Possible

A security screen door is one that typically has a more heavy-duty lock than the small latch you would normally get with standard screen doors. However, just because something is advertised as a security screen door doesn't necessarily mean it offers the most security possible. Note a few features to consider so you know that your new security screen door is actually as secure and safe for your home and your family as it can be. 

1. Non-removable hinges

If you look at the hinges of most screen doors and even of some security screens, you'll see that the pins are somewhat easy to remove by tapping them out of place. This means an intruder can remove your security screen with a simple hammer, no matter the type of lock it has. When choosing a security screen door, look for non-removable hinges that are contained inside the actual side of the door rather than being attached to the outside of the door. 

2. Tight mesh

A security screen door will not be secure if someone can slide a pair of bolt cutters through the mesh and cut it open in order to reach the lock. Choose a door with a very tight mesh that won't allow room for the blade of any cutting tool, a screwdriver that might pry open the door handle, and the like. A tighter mesh can also mean more privacy when you're inside, as it's more difficult to see through a smaller mesh than one with wider slots or openings.

3. Stainless steel

Many security screen doors are made of vinyl or lightweight aluminum, but stainless steel is harder to cut through with any type of cutting tool. The stainless steel might make the door so heavy that you would need to buy a new frame to go along with it. However, this can be worth the investment if it means having an entryway that is secure from hacksaws and other such tools that can more readily make their way through lightweight materials.

4. Inside locks

If someone were to cut through the screen on your security door and reach inside, they might very well be able to unlock or unlatch the door. This is why it's good to get a door that is locked with a key from the inside as well as the outside. This would prevent someone from easily unlocking the door even if they were able to cut or remove the screen.

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