How to Use Shop Fittings to Make Your Retail Store Stand Out From the Crowd

No matter the items you're selling in a retail store, you need to ensure your store stands out from the crowd. If it doesn't, customers may not even bother to stop by and shop, especially if your store is located in a crowded mall with lots of competition. The shop fittings you use can help to make your store stand out, if you decide on items that are more than just plain hooks and racks to hold your goods. Note a few ways you can use shop fittings to make your retail store stand out from the crowd.

Go for all white

Color can attract the attention of shoppers, but very colorful shop fittings can mean letting your products get lost on that colorful background. White can look very clean and modern and works with a number of retail types, from clothes to shoes to sporting goods. Look for white plastic shop fitting accessories including racks and shelves, and keep the floor and walls of your store white as well. This will make it very unique in any setting and allow your items to take center stage.

Use household or everyday items for shop fitting

Rather than displaying your items on standard shelves and racks, look for shop fitting accessories that resemble household items. This can mean a dresser with open drawers that display t-shirts, or a child's wagon that holds a selection of stuffed animals. For an urban look, check outdoor items such as a park bench that holds folded clothes or a faux streetlight that is used as a rack for items on hangers. These items don't need to be real but can be actual shop fitting accessories, made from a sturdy plastic, that simply resemble these everyday pieces.

Mix up your genre

If you own a clothing store, use the racks that are often used to display produce at a grocery store to show off your pieces, complete with a mirror behind the shelves and overhead lighting. If you have a sporting goods store, hang up skis and ski poles and other such pieces as if they're on a hanger. If you own a bookstore, create an industrial setting with vertical pipes that you use for draping books and other pieces. This unexpected "twist" to your shop fitting can draw in customers as they appreciate a fresh take on the displays you use, and they may find the overall setting to be very unique and eye-catching.

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