3 Solutions to Squeaky Floor Trusses

HVAC installers usually run HVAC ducts through floor trusses. Over time, the floor can begin squeaking due to several factors, such as friction. This article discusses some solutions that you can consider implementing in case you notice that the floor trusses through which HVAC ducts run have started squeaking as you walk on those floors.

Install a Padding Material

Floor trusses usually deflect when a load, such as the weight of a walking human, is placed upon them. The deflecting trusses may rub against the ducting that was installed in the spaces between the trusses. The easiest way to stop that squealing is to limit the friction that occurs when those two materials rub against each other. You can do this in several ways. For instance, you can place some carpet padding material between the truss and the HVAC ducts. You may also wrap the ducts in duct tape so that the noise is dampened.

Install Additional Bracing

The HVAC contractor may have cut some of the bracing in the floor truss system in order to create room for the air conditioning ducts because the ducts needed to be placed around an obstacle. The floors may therefore be squeaking because the trusses at those points where the braces were cut are no longer as stiff as they were designed to be. The squeaking can end if you install additional bracing so that each floor truss is linked to the next one. Those braces will help to transfer some of the load created by people walking onto other trusses. This will result in less deflection of each truss and less noise being created.

Use Gussets

Another way to eliminate squealing in your floors is to install plywood gussets on all floor trusses in the section that squeals when people walk on it. Cut the plywood into pieces that are equal in size to the width of the existing trusses. Nail these cut pieces onto the trusses so that the floor trusses become stiffer and less deflection should be the result.

The suggestions above vary in their level of complexity. Try implementing those options that are easy for you, such as placing a soft barrier between the HVAC ducts and the trusses, before you try the more demanding options, such as installing additional bracing. If you have specific questions about floor trusses and their installation, contact a business like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd.

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