Top Reasons Why Home Window Tinting is an Excellent Move

One of the most rewarding yet overlooked projects you can undertake when you are building a new home or giving an existing one a face-lift is to tint your windows. Residential window tinting involves covering the glass on home windows with films that improve how the windows function. 

Contrary to what many people know, residential window tinting is far more than just adding privacy to a home and protecting interior furnishings from premature beat down – there are many other important perks that most homeowners are not aware of including the following:

Reducing unwanted solar heat gain

The harsh sun of the Australian summer can make staying indoors unbearable. Excessive heat can get absorbed into your living space through the windows and cause indoor temperatures to rise above tolerable levels. When this happens, you will turn to your air conditioning system for help. The air conditioner will help cool your home, but not free of charge. Any extra unit of electricity that the appliance uses to cool your home will reflect in your monthly electricity bill. In the long run, you could end up spending lots of money on electricity bills. 

Window tinting can help reduce your electricity bills significantly. The solar rejection film applied on the surface of your glass has good thermal qualities so that it dissipates the heat away instead of absorbing it. This way, your home won't gain unwanted solar heat through the glass on your windows. 

Reducing excessive glare

The sun's heat is not the only thing that can cause problems in your home – its glare (visible light) too can cause discomfort. If you have tried staring at the midday sun with the naked eye, then you know that the sun's glare is so powerful that it can even damage your eyesight. If left unregulated, the glare that comes into your living space when you have opened the windows can harm your eyes, especially when you are trying to watch the TV or work from the computer screen on your home office desk. Window tinting helps reduce the glare of the sun by filtering out a significant percentage the excessive visible light. When selecting an anti-glare window film, the darker the better.

Minimising exposure to ultraviolet radiation 

The sun has ultraviolet light, which can be harmful to your health and that of your loved ones if exposure levels are not minimised. Window films incorporated with special ultraviolet light inhibitors can keep a large percentage of the carcinogenic light out of your living space, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

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