Issues You May Experience With Your Restaurant Commercial Refrigerator

Owning a small restaurant means maintaining certain appliances and units. One of those units is your commercial refrigerator. You need to make sure it is operating at its best in order to keep your food safe. There are a few issues that you may experience with your refrigerator that are signs of needing commercial refrigeration repair. Here are a few of those issues and what to know about each one. 

Freezing Motor

One of the main issues many restaurants notice with their commercial fridge is with the motor freezing. You may notice a loud noise, a smoke smell or other issues with your motor and fan. This issue primarily deals with your evaporator. The evaporator fan can become dirty, clogged and the drain lines may become blocked. All of these issues will lead to ice build-up and the overworking of your motor. Your motor will freeze and can cause severe damage, including fire, if it is left to continue running in that condition. Your commercial fridge repair technician will clean the area and look for any other damage to the motor and the evaporator fan. 

Temperature Fluctuations

You may notice an issue with some food going bad, warm spots in the fridge, or frozen areas that should not be frozen. All of these issues deal with the temperature of your unit. There could be several issues causing the temperature fluctuations. The first is having the unit too close to a wall. This can block the exhaust fan and cause the unit to build up heat. If your fridge is moved away from the wall, you may want to have the gaskets checked and the seals checked to ensure there is no loss of energy. The gauge may also be causing an issue and needing replacement. 

Compressor Issues

If you notice your cold foods not staying cold and the area getting warmer, your issue may be a compressor. The fridge may need to have a new compressor placed or it may need to be checked to determine if it is something connected to the compressor causing a much larger issue. Your technician will be able to find this issue on an inspection and make suggestions for upgrading or replacing the compressor or with other issues if some are found. 

When you begin experiencing any of these issues, contact your commercial fridge repair contractor. They can arrive on-site and perform an inspection to find the issues you are having. They will discuss a repair plan with you and can answer any questions you have at that time. You should also consider having a routine inspection and maintenance plan done on the refrigerator unit throughout the year to help prevent possible costly issues. Contact a commercial fridge repair service to learn more. 

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