Have you chosen your wall frames yet?

How do you start planning a new property? Finding a place to build and choosing the size and shape of the property will be close to the top of your list. Once those considerations are out of the way, you must start to think about the materials used in the property construction. One material you must think about early will be the property wall frames. The wall frames will be an early addition to the site, and the choice of material can affect the rest of the property design. The decision can also impact both the construction time and the sustainability of the property.

What are the options?

When it comes to wall frames, there are two popular choices. You could opt for timber or steel wall frames. Steel wall frames are strong and resilient, but timber wall frames also have many benefits. The final decision between these two frames could depend on where the property is located and other local factors. Here are two other things you should think through before settling the decision in your mind.

Will the wall frames last?

A failing wall frame is a problem for any property. When you install wall frames, you want them to endure for many years. There are, however, many factors that can impact the life of any material. You might think that steel wall frames will last longer than wooden frames, but in coastal environments where there is plenty of salt in the air, it's not uncommon for steel frames to rust away long before wooden frames fail. Conversely, timber wall frames can be attacked by insects and quickly fail if they are not correctly treated. A successful wall frame has been chosen for that specific environment and treated accordingly.

How quickly can the frames be assembled?

Speed of assembly matters for several reasons. It is in everyone's interest for the building project to be completed quickly. Assembling the wall frames will allow your team to proceed to the next stage of the build. Rapid assembly of the frames will also save you money as equipment and men will not need to be hired for such an extended time. Usually, timber wall frames can be assembled far more rapidly than steel frames. Timber wall frames don't need complicated tools for assembly. If you buy pre-cut wall frames, they can often be slotted together and quickly connected using basic tools.

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