Two Tips to Follow If You’re Having a Gazebo Built

If you've hired some builders to construct a gazebo for you, here are two tips to follow.

If you want to use reclaimed timber, talk about this to your builders 

If you're interested in building the gazebo with reclaimed timber, you should discuss this with the builders before stocking up on this material. The reason for this is that although this is a great, eco-friendly way to build any structure, reclaimed wood can often be damaged in ways that might affect the stability of the structures it is used to build. Furthermore, when you build an outdoor structure like a gazebo, it is particularly important to ensure that the wood your builders construct it with is either already coated in outdoor-friendly varnish or has been sanded and is ready to be treated with this substance.

If, for example, you purchase a collection of reclaimed timber boards that are already coated in indoor varnish (which is not suitable for use on outdoor structures, due to it not being as waterproof as outdoor varnish) and that feature several splintered or cracked sections, your builders may need to remove all of this varnish and repair the splintered sections before they can build the gazebo with it. This could make for a longer and costlier building project.

However, if you consult the builders before purchasing this wood, they can advise you on what type of reclaimed wood would be most suitable for the gazebo and tell you what things to check for when evaluating the timber to ensure it's in good enough condition to be used for construction.

Ensure the paved area you want to put the gazebo on is structurally sound

Whilst it is possible to build a gazebo on grass, builders usually recommend putting permanent gazebos on paved ground to minimise the chances of the gazebo shifting and becoming unlevel as a result of changes in the moisture content of the earth below it.

If you intend to have the gazebo built on a paved area on your property, however, it is important not to assume that just because the ground is paved that the builders can construct your gazebo on it without any preparation on your part. You will need, for example, to ensure that the paving isn't cracked. If it is, and you instruct the builders to create the gazebo on it, the weight of the gazebo pressing down on the damaged paving will probably widen these cracks, which will make the paved area unstable and potentially affect the gazebo's structural stability. As such, by either fixing the damaged paving yourself or having the builders assist you with these repairs, you'll be helping to improve the lifespan of the gazebo.   

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